Kasalang Bayan 2018
Municipal Lobby 
July 18, 2018 @8:00am

A speech from Governer Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado

A speech from Governor Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado with the Mutyas from different Barangays after the parade.

Ang Piging ni Balagtas

The night entitled as "Ang Piging ni Balagtas". The tradition called "Pagpuputong ng Korona sa mga dilag ni Balagtas" and awarding of "Natatanging Mamamayan sa Bayan ng Balagtas Awardee" Mr. Romeo Reyes.

Balagtasan Festival aired at Umagang kay Ganda with mareng Winnie Cordero

The Balagtasan Festival was aired in Umagang Kay Ganda with Mareng Winnie Cornejo last March 31, 2017, also featured was the 405 lbs. Bringhe. The municipal department heads and employees also participated the said guesting. A night concert “Libreng Konsyerto para sa Balagtasenyo” was held at Municipal Plaza with a very famous guest Mr. Rey Valera. Our very own Mayor Eladio E. Gonzales Jr. joined Mr. Valera to sing in the stage with his favorite song “Sinasamba Kita”.

Bangkeros Competition

Bangkeros competition from nine (9) barangays together with the Municipal Mayor Eladio E. Gonzales, Jr., Municipal Vice Mayor, Municipal Councilors, Hon. Jayrey C. Galvez, Hon. Fernando K. Galvez, Hon. Analyn Jose, Hon. Dante Marcelo and Tourism Officer Mrs. Vilma B. Santos and Judges, MLGOO Mari Grace J. Villanueva, Mrs. Leonora Fabian and Hon. Mikee Jane Payuran.

Lutong Balagtasenyo

Lutong Balagtasenyo sa Bayan ni Kiko, presenting the Menudong Tagalog from nine (9) barangays of Balagtas, Bulacan. Awarding ceremony for the 3-day Balagtasan Competition.

Balagtasan Festival

An Opening Remarks from Councilor Jayrey C. Galvez for TalenTODAng Balagtasenyo “Modelong Traysikel Drayber”. With guests judges, PCI. Napoleon Cruz, Municipal Administrator Eduardo Zacarias, Jr. and Mr. Jose Sonza from Traffic Management.

Balagtasan Festival

An Opening Remarks from Mayor Eladio E. Gonzales Jr., Municipal Mayor of Balagtas, Bulacan. The contestants of Drum and Lyre Competition from elementary schools of Balagtas, Bulacan. The Opening of first day of Balagtasan Competition (Elementary). The Competitors from different schools (left picture) and audience who participate in the Balagtasan Program (right picture)